What is Polygonal Space?

A web application to search for NASA space images 🚀✨

Polygonal Space is a web applciation to retrieve and display space images from NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) website. The application is designed so that a user can search in the NASA Image and Video Library by simply selecting a keyword from a list.

NASA Image and Video Library

NASA Image and Video Library is a public library which everyone can access for images and videoes taken by telescopes and spacecrafts under Media Usage Guidelines. This website uses the NASA's API (Application Programming Interface). The API is provided for software engineers who build apps to retrieve images and text data from the library.

  • Image Search

    Choose Keywords

    to Search for Space Images

  • Step 1
  • Choose Category

First of all, choose a cagegory that you are interested in. Categories are grouped by a topic. For example, categories "Marth probe" and "Jupiter probe" each belong to a topic "Probe". When you choose a category, keywords that belong to the category will show up.

  • Step 2
  • Choose Keyword

Second, choose a keywod from the displayed keyword list. When you click a keyword item, this application will access NASA's image library via the NASA API so that it will retrieve and display images and videos which are related to the selected keyword.

If you cannot find keywords that you are looking for, then please consider using Custom Search (English only).

  • Step 3
  • Choose Image

Finally, choose an image item from a variety of images in the search result. Each item has a "Open Modal" button. Once you click the button, a modal will show up with a larger image and a more detailed description about that image.

  • Step 4
  • Bookmark Your Favorites

An article shown in the modal can be bookmarked if you are logged in. A bookmark button is prepared for each item. If an item is bookmarked, then you can come back to see it anytime. Bookmarked items will be displayed in "Bookmark" page where you can see them and delete them.

Create a user account to bookmark items.

Or, start Guest login to use bookmark feature wihtout signup.

  • Shared Bookmarks

"Shared Bookmark" page displays some images and videos which are bookmarked by at least one user. You can bookmark items in Shared Bookmark list.

  • passHref

"Posts" page displays articles which are created based on NASA's original articles, mostly summary or translation articles (in Japanese). Only the permitted users are eligible to post an article.

  • Guest Login

    Try App Features

    Before Signup

When you are logged in as a guest, you can try most of the app features just as a regular account user can do, such as bookmarking items and managing them in MyPage. A guest user will be logged out after 1 hour from login.

  • Signup

    Two Methods for Signup

  • 1. Set Password

Registering a pair of email address and password is one of the two methods for signup. You will be asked for the registered info everytime you would like to log in. You can change your password anytime in MyPage.

  • 2. Sign up with

    Google Authentication

You can also sign up by Google ID authentication if you have a Gmail address. In this case, you don't have to register a password. After completing a signup process, you will be able use Google authentication to log in your account.

  • Add Login Method
  • in MyPage

Whichever methods you choose for initial signup, you can add another login method in your MyPage. For example, after a signup with Google authentication, you can set a password in order to use a password login. Also, after you are signed up with a Gmail address and a password, you can add a Google login functionality.

Delete Account

You can delete your account in MyPage. Please be noted that after deletion of your account, your user account data will be gone. That is, when you delete your account, information linked to your user account including an email address and bookmarks will be removed from database.


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